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Dragon Lord Jackie Chan Download Film




The film is Chan's third film with the Shaw Brothers Studio and in the year of his fortieth birthday. It is the first Jackie Chan film to be shot outside Asia, in the United States. Plot Chow Yun Fat, a former criminal, is released from prison after serving his sentence. He then discovers that his family had died and buried in his absence, making him a wanted fugitive. Chow runs away from the police, traveling to Hong Kong to search for his family and to reclaim his fortune. He seeks his old gangster boss, who happens to be the current leader of the triads. This presents a problem for Chow, as he has been forced to join the triad hierarchy under the threat of a broken arm, and has no choice but to try to regain his family's fortunes. To evade police, Chow makes a pilgrimage to a cave shrine to the Monkey God to seek advice from the Monkey God. There he meets a sad, poor but honest monk named Lam Ching-yung, who tells him about the two treasure chests containing the sacred scrolls of Taoist wisdom. Chow discovers that his closest friends (who are his old gangsters) are responsible for the death of his family. They stole the treasure chests from the temple and hid the scrolls. He also learns that the scrolls contain valuable religious information and that his friends are planning to use the scrolls to kill the "Flying Tiger" triad boss and their rival gang, the "Lion" triad boss. However, one of his friends, a former girlfriend, has betrayed him and plans to betray the other friend for his treasure chest. A subsequent battle ensues between the triads and the Flying Tigers and Lions, which results in Chow being arrested. While he is being taken to prison, Chow manages to break free. He then retrieves the scrolls from the temple and read them. In the process, he learns about the Flying Tigers' attack on the Lions, about his friend's betrayal, and about his old gang's plans to kill him. After he reads the scrolls, Chow returns to the temple and goes to join the Lions, planning to kill the Flying Tigers. However, he discovers that his old gang is lying about their plans, and they are actually plotting to kill him, as they are afraid that he will expose them. Chow is then betrayed by his friend and ambushed. He fights his way out of the ambush and goes back to the temple, where he gets back the scroll with the "No Eyes




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Dragon Lord Jackie Chan Download Film

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