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A unique model of care.

The Nature Nest's classrooms are referred to as "Family Suites". A Family Suite is a home-like educational environment where a small group of children and their caregivers remain together throughout the years. A model of care that eliminates the frequent and often stressful transitions most children experience in traditional child care centers.

Children in family suites at The Nature Nest benefit from relationship-based care and are given the opportunity to establish secure bonds and a true sense of belonging. 

Family Suites, modeled after family child care homes, offer the safety and comfort of a home away from home, providing consistent caregivers throughout the years, along with a support network of other neighboring caregivers. It's no wonder this is becoming the preferred arrangement for more and more parents.

Bonding to adults who provide consistent, nurturing care during the years of early childhood is tantamount to the development of healthy relationships in youth and adulthood.  Brain research indicates that “the architecture of the brain depends on a series of critical but subtle emotional transactions between an infant and a devoted caregiver…clearly formulating the elusive building blocks of creative and analytic thinking, and the sense of self” (Dr. Stanley Greenspan).

An emphasis is also placed on the learning that is cultivated through mixed-age groupings.  The younger ones learn basic self-care and social skills from observing the older children, and the older ones learn basic nurturing skills by observing the caregivers tend to the little ones.  Another benefit of having mixed ages is that the ratio of children to care providers enables more of a family feeling.  The caregiver/teacher is able to meet the special needs of each age group.

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0-3 years of age

Our birth-three suite. A home-like environment you can trust. Truly a second home for children & families! A place to learn, be nurtured, explore curiosity, grow and thrive in the most natural of settings, where we 
emphasize nurturing the child’s sense of trust and well-being through having the same caregivers throughout the early years. Relationship-based care that takes family life as its model complements your home life and provides an environment in which your child will flourish.


2.5 - 5 years of age

Recognizing that human relationship and activity are the essential tools for all foundational life-skills, our 2.5-5 suite is a place where daily life experience is the “curriculum” through which your child experiences healthy life rhythms and routines.

Beauty, comfort, security, and connection to the living world of nature form the basis for the “Living Arts:"

  • Domestic Arts

  • Nurturing Arts

  • Social Arts

  • Creative Arts

Our unique Life curriculum is rooted in nature and inspired by Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia pedagogy. 


4.5 - 13 years of age

Our school aged suites begin with a kindergarten-first grade mix where children are introduced to academics in the following areas through play and nature exploration:
·       Language Arts
·       Math
·       Visual Arts
·       Performing Arts
·       Domestic Arts
·       Science
We believe in the importance of preserving childhood, encouraging imagination, as well as fostering creative play and exploration at any grade level.
Options for full time, part time, before & afterschool, or homeschool support.

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Recognized by the Children's Environmental Health Network as an Eco-Healthy Child Care® Provider, we take extra care to create an early learning environment that is healthier and safer by reducing children's exposure to harmful chemicals, selecting safer natural materials, cleaning products, even pest control services, and more...

That is just one of the ways the Nature Nest is meeting higher standards in child care and aspiring to set a set new a benchmark for quality in the field of early childhood care and education.

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More than just for a "recess", outdoors is an extension of the learning and living space. A place for story time, lunch or snacks, sensory play & nature exploration, walks or even tree & rock-climbing. At the Nature Nest, we enjoy the outdoors quite a bit and we like to think that the outdoors enjoy us too! =)



Our center(s) proudly use(s) Brightwheel as a convenient way to communicate and share information with parents. Our teachers send daily activity reports via the Brightwheel app, which includes photos of your child, feeding, napping, diapering information, daily activities in the classrooom and developmental portfolios for each child. Parents are able to access their child's daily report electronically in real time through the Brightwheel app on any mobile device (Android or Apple). Brightwheel is secure, private and easy to use! We look forward to sharing your child's magical moments with you!

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